Fox News Has Hired Lara Trump as a Contributor

Now that he is out of office, all of Donald Trump’s family members are trying to find jobs. The family’s businesses are having massive struggles and that may not be the way to go. Instead, the Trump hangers on are trying to find jobs either in politics or in the media.

Lara Trump robocall ballots
[Photo by Samuel Corum/Getty Images]
The most successful Trump so far has been Eric’s wife Lara. She became a trusted spokesperson for the former president during campaign season. And now she will be working for Fox News as a contributor.

The announcement was made this morning during an episode of Fox and Friends. Host Ainsley Earhardt began, “Let’s bring in Lara Trump, fmr senior advisor for the Trump campaign, and we have a big announcement, she is a new Fox News contributor. Welcome to the family, Lara.” Trump responded, “I sort of feel like I’ve been an unofficial member of the team for so long.”

It is unclear how long Lara Trump will remain with the network. She has big political ambitions and that could include a run for a North Carolina senate seat in 2020. If she does choose to run, the race can provide a good litmus to whether the Trump brand will remain politically powerful.

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