Fox News and the AP Have Decided It’s a Big Deal That Joe Biden is Traveling to Delaware During a Pandemic

To say that Donald Trump didn’t take COVID-19 seriously would be a massive understatement. While his mishandling of the pandemic led to numerous deaths, Trump was especially careless when he himself had the illness. Most notable was the time a COVID infected Trump had secret service agents drive him around so he could wave to fans.


Fox News is desperate to attack Joe Biden at every turn. And while Trump regularly traveled and held rallies during the pandemic, the network said nothing. Now Fox is attacking Biden for traveling to Delaware this weekend to spend time with his family.

The Fox website posted an article this morning entitled, “Biden flying to Delaware despite CDC warnings to avoid travel.” The author of the hit piece, Brooke Singman, did note, “Biden, who has a home outside Wilmington, Delaware, is expected to fly on Air Force One and will avoid much of the travel risks associated with commercial flights or traveling on other methods of public transportation like bus or train.”

The AP published a similar report on Friday morning. AP Reporter Zeke Miller asked Jen Psaki about the manufactured controversy during today’s press briefing. “Why is the president going to Delaware this weekend?” Miller asked. “Guidance from the Centers from Disease Control and Prevention, as you know, in the White House briefing just a couple of hours ago, was a big X over airplanes — people should avoid travel. Is there an exception to that policy?”

The Press Secretary noted that Trump used Air Force One nearly every weekend. She continued, “The key, Zeke, is ensuring that people don’t take steps to make others vulnerable in our effort to get be pandemic under control. Delaware is he home and he looks forward to spending the weekend there and some time with his family.”

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