Fox News Guest: There is a Supply Chain Problem Because of Vaccine Mandate and Child Tax Credit

COVID-19 wreaked havoc not only on the United States, but on the entire world. As a result, products are not as readily available as they were prior to the pandemic.

[Photo by Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images]
The economy, of course, would get going a lot faster if everyone in the country would get the vaccine. But thanks to networks like Fox News, that hasn’t happened. So other things have to be blamed for the issues. During a Thursday appearance, the Wall St. Journal’s Kimberly Strassel suggested that the issues were actually related to the child tax credit and vaccine mandates.

The reporter told Fox’s Neil Cavuto:

“Well again, any American looking around at the moment understands very clearly what the problem is and why we don’t have enough people to unload containers from ships.

And it’s because on the one hand, we’ve been paying people to stay home and those benefits are still going, whether it be the child tax credit or whatever it is. And on the other hand, we have all of these government mandates and restrictions that are actually discouraging people from working, whether it’s vaccine mandates or others.

You can argue about that from a public policy and health perspective, but the reality of it is they’re out there in the workforce. And until we change government incentives and disincentives to work, this is not going to get better.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of the Fox News network:

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