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Fox News Guest: Notre Dame Fire Due to Muslim Neighborhood and Godlessness

Fox News Guest: Notre Dame Fire Due to Muslim Neighborhood and Godlessness

The world’s eyes turned towards Paris yesterday as fire ripped through the Notre Dame Cathedral. The worst was avoided as the rampaging fire was eventually contained by the Parisian fire department. French president, Emmanuel Macron, said, “the worst has been avoided.”

PARIS, FRANCE – APRIL 14: Fire rages through the iconic Notre-Dame Cathedral on April 15, 2019 in Paris, France. A fire broke out on Monday afternoon and quickly spread across the building, collapsing the spire. The cause is unknown, but officials say it was possibly linked to ongoing renovation work. (Photo by Philippe Wang/Getty Images)

Fox News host, Tucker Carlson, and his guest, Mark Steyn, searched for reasons for the devastating fire. The reason Steyn came up with: the Godless French culture and the Muslim neighborhood surrounding the church.

Steyn told Carlson, “Christendom is in retreat in Europe, and in France particularly – France has actually quite an aggressive belief in secularism and according to some polls, the French are even by the standards of the modern Western world among the most Godless people in that sense.”

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The Canadian author continued, “. And the French who were on the streets in tears this evening, on the streets of Paris – I don’t think they’re mourning just history or architecture or art or culture. They are mourning something else. But what that something else post-Christian France can’t quite identify it.”c

Citizens of Paris don’t seem as concerned with assigning blame. A Parisian citizen named, Anne Marie, told CNN, “In Paris, it’s a monumental symbol — every person with different religions are really moved and saddened. Paris without the cathedral is not Paris anymore.”

Steyn, however, believes the city is beyond fixing. He told Carlson, “When people talk about oh the heart of France has died – what is in the soul of France? What is this? Is it just the building or something more?”

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