Fox News Gotcha Reporter Peter Doocy Praises Biden, Psaki for Their Willingness to Answer Hard Questions

Jen Psaki has been much more willing to answer questions than her predecessors. Unlike the press secretaries who had served under Donald Trump, Psaki holds press conferences nearly every day. And though she may answer some questions with a fair bit of snark, she is more than willing to answer all of them.

Jen Psaki: Trump's intelligence access under review
[Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]
Fox News reporter Peter Doocy has been at the center of a few viral Psaki answers. He’s not made about it, though. In fact, Doocy has praised Biden and Psaki for their willingness to answer tough questions.

The Fox reporter was asked about a recent story where Joe Biden said he liked him. He replied, “[T]he way that he framed it was what a reporter would want to hear, right?” Doocy told the paper. “He knows that it’s going to be a hard question with an edge, but ‘I like him anyway.’ And that means he is up for the hard questions, and it sounds like he’s going to keep taking them. So more than a surprise, it kind of just made me hopeful that that will continue over the next couple years. There are so few opportunities to be in the room with him, but it sounds like when we are, he’ll be listening for us.”

In regards to Psaki, Doocy said, “The press secretary will still call on Fox whenever we’re in the briefing room. The only time that we ever don’t get called on are the days that we just don’t physically have a seat in the briefing room because they have this social-distancing rotation. So two days out of the week we are not in there. But on those days the staff has been perfectly responsive over email or if we can get them in person.”




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