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Fox News Goes Silent On Twitter And Doesn’t Say Why But One Employee Is Speaking Out

Fox News Goes Silent On Twitter And Doesn’t Say Why But One Employee Is Speaking Out

The @FoxNews and @FoxNewsPolitics Twitter accounts both stopped tweeting more than 24 hours ago. The company has not issued a statement about the blackout period.

We first noticed the blackout thanks to William LeGate, who pointed out the strange lack of new content on both accounts.


The blackout corresponds almost directly with Rupert Murdoch visiting Mitch McConnell’s office on Thursday, November 8, as noted by New York Times Congressional Correspondent Nicholas Fandos.

It’s still unclear why Murdoch was visiting with McConnell directly after the GOP lost the U.S. House to their Democratic counterparts.

With no official statement released by the far-right news network, it was Manager of Content Strategy at Tribune Media (Not tronc) Scott Gustin who released a message about a possible boycott of Twitter by the news network.

Scott says the directive came from the “highest level” at the company and that they will continue to boycott Twitter until removes posts that include Tucker’s home address.

The Fox News employee says Twitter told Fox News to “open a ticket” and did not remove the posts without proper support channels being notified.

If Scott’s source is correct, it seems odd that Fox News would boycott Twitter over the treatment of Tucker Carlson by a group of protestors and not issue some type of statement about the boycott.

This story is still developing…

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