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Fox News’ Favorite Trump-Loving Psychologist Is A Complete Fraud

Fox News’ Favorite Trump-Loving Psychologist Is A Complete Fraud

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Gina Loudon appeared eight days ago on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program to apply “science and real data and true psychological theory” to prove that Donald J. Trump is “quite possibly the most sound-minded person to ever occupy the White House.”

Now, The Daily Beast has exposed Loudon’s complete lack of psychological credentials.

Loudon appeared on Fox News on September 5 where she claimed to have a deeper understanding of Donald Trump than investigative journalist Bob Woodward. She also cast doubt on the ability of a “senior official” at the White House to write about Donald Trump’s mental health in a now-infamous New York Times editorial.

Let’s start with a transcript of what transpired (provided by Crook & Liars):

HANNITY: There is a madness to this and your background and your book discusses this derangement. What do we call it?

LOUDON: Well, yeah, Trump Derangement Syndrome, I mean, Sean, that’s what most people have called it to this point. But my book actually uses science and real data and true psychological theory to explain why it is quite possible that this president is the most sound-minded person to ever occupy the White House.


HANNITY: Hating Trump is a drug [to liberals].

LOUDON: Yeah, and we have to watch it, you know, spewed across our television or written into clickbait headlines every single day. And that’s why, you know, books like mine that just tell the truth and take an honest approach, using science, using, you know – you look at Woodward’s book, for example, Sean.

Woodward doesn’t know the president. I don’t know how many graduate courses he’s taken in psychology … I know his family and I know the people around him. I’ve seen him relaxing … I’ve seen him in the White House and you know him. And you know how focused he is, how much he’s enjoying his job … and how unaffected he is by them.

Following the conversation, The Daily Beast investigated Loudon and found that she had obtained her Ph.D. in “human and organization systems” from an online university called Fielding Graduate Institute.

That degree does not qualify Loudon to call herself a psychologist as it’s not a degree or license in psychology.

The Daily Beast further notes that Loudon’s own book cover is a lie. The book’s publisher is now claiming that it “simplified” her Ph.D. credential because her subject was in “the field of psychology.”

Her publisher has promised, “we will be updating” her credentials in future printings and in all marketing materials. They would not confirm if Loudon reviewed the book sleeve before it was published.

The President also appears to be a big fan of Loudon, tweeting his support for her work.

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Loudon sits on the President’s “2020 media advisory board” which appears to feature only two people.

Even more damning is Sean Hannity’s claim that he’ll “rely on the fact that you are a psychologist” to decide if Donald Trump is psychologically sound.

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