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Fox News’ Ed Henry Blasts Trump Campaign Advisor Katrina Pierson For Lying

Fox News’ Ed Henry Blasts Trump Campaign Advisor Katrina Pierson For Lying

Former Trump Campaign Spokeswoman Katrina Pierson was blasted by Ed Henry on Fox News after the release of another Omarosa recording.

The recording seemed to confirm that President Trump did, in fact, use the N-word, and Pierson along with Omarosa was discussing how to spin the story if the tape went public. The Fox News anchor accused the former spokeswoman of lying to him the night before. Pierson had previously denied that the conversation ever took place.

“That did not happen. It sounds like she’s writing a script for a movie….that is absolutely not true,” Katrina told Henry. After the release of the recording, Henry invited Pierson back to his program to discuss the tape. Ed Henry did admit that he made an honest mistake in getting mixed up in his questions, but did not let Katrina off the hook. Pierson now claims that there were two different conversations.

“That does not change the substance Katrina, of every fact that you are now claiming today there are two different phone calls,” Henry challenged Pierson. Pierson responded, “I’m not claiming that Ed.” “You told me that several times today,” Ed blasts back.

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The Omarosa tapes are causing big trouble for Trump allies like Pierson who seem to be getting caught in lies. Other White House staffers are said to be living in fear of what else Omarosa has recorded. The conversation gets even more heated from there.

You can watch the entire exchange in the video below.

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