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Fox News Denies Request by Soros Camp to Rebut Caravan Funding Claims

Fox News Denies Request by Soros Camp to Rebut Caravan Funding Claims

George Soros has long been a boogeyman for the Republican party. The high-profile democratic donor has been accused of funding everything from protests to the migrant caravan. The conspiracy theories are seen by many as being anti-Semitic.


Other than Lou Dobbs, Fox News hosts rarely mention Soros by name and refer to him more obliquely. Their guests, however, have been free to make various claims against Soros with little push-back from the hosts.

He has been blamed for everything from paying protesters to funding the migrant caravan. Soros and his camp are, of course, upset with the constant accusations against him, but they say Fox will not allow them to rebut the claims.

In late October, Lou Dobbs’ guest Chris Farrell claimed that Soros had infiltrated the Justice Department. Farrell claimed, “A lot of these folks also have affiliates who are getting money from the Soros-occupied State Department, and that is of great, great concern.”

The comments took place shortly after the massacre in Pittsburgh. While Dobbs made no attempt to rebut the claims, Farrell has been banned from Fox programming.

The network has also aired interviews with two congressmen accusing Soros of funding the caravan. These two members of congress, Matt Gaetz of Florida and Louie Gohmert of Texas, also went unchallenged by the hosts.

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Soros and his camp have had enough. Chris Gaspard, of Soros’ Open Society Foundation, wants the network to provide equal time to argue the conservative claims. He says, “There’s been no opportunity for our foundation or for thoughtful Americans to come on and rebut.”

Gaspard continues, “I’m calling out Gohmert, and I’m calling out Gaetz, and I’m calling out the producers on Fox who are not creating space for thoughtful honest discussion.”

If Fox News means to live up to their “fair and balanced” tagline, it would make sense for the network to allow Gaspard to appear on their shows.

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