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Fox News Contributors Give Trump Debate Advice After Unhinged Performance

Fox News Contributors Give Trump Debate Advice After Unhinged Performance

Joe Biden showed up to the first Presidential Debate on Tuesday night about an hour before it was set to begin, fully prepared and armed with facts to back up his arguments. Donald Trump arrived with less than thirty minutes to spare, delaying the start of the debate, and with barely two hours of prep under his belt.

And it showed.


Trump constantly interrupted both the moderator, Chris Wallace, as well as Biden, yelling angrily as he grew more and more unhinged as the debate went on. His performance was widely panned by TV and Twitter critics alike, with many saying there can’t be two more debates like the one everyone witnessed. Even Chris Christie, who had helped Trump prepare, said Trump “did not do well” during an appearance on “Good Morning, America”.

The Biden campaign has already said both of their candidates will keep their commitments to the remaining scheduled debates, so one of Trump’s most ardent supporters has come up with a game plan to help him not “crash and burn” in front of an international audience again. Appearing on “Fox and Friends”, Trump surrogate Ari Fleischer demonstrated his ideas on a whiteboard, with the top tip being “Interrupt less”.

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“Sum it all up after letting Biden flail, interrupt a whole lot less,” Fleischer suggested. “That’s the clean technique to drive through the points the President wants to get home.”

Former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders also had some tips for Trump, saying ought to use “his sense of humor” and “make a direct appeal to women” next time he faces off with Biden. But Trump isn’t actually known for his humor, and women have been turning away from him in record numbers.

The Vice Presidential Debate between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence, their only meeting, is scheduled for October 7th. Trump and Biden are set to meet again on October 15th.

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