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Fox News Contributor Fired for calling Kavanaugh Accusers ‘Lying Skanks’

Fox News Contributor Fired for calling Kavanaugh Accusers ‘Lying Skanks’

Kevin Jackson, a radio host and contributor to Fox News was fired today after tweeting derogatory remarks aimed at women who have accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault.

In what has been called a day like no other in American politics, emotions ran high in Washington, D.C., as the Senate Judiciary Committee heard testimony from Christine Blasey Ford and Kavanaugh regarding Ford’s allegations of sexual assault against her by Kavanaugh; an event that was nationally televised.

While watching the hearing, Jackson took to Twitter to express his feelings on the proceedings, tweeting such things as “Wow, Christine Ford looks rode hard and put up wet, as we say in the country. Just peeked into this FARCE.”


In response to Ford’s statement that she had struggled academically after the alleged assault, Jackson tweeted, “Dang girl, stop opening your legs and OPEN A BOOK.”

Jackson continued his attack on Ford and “leftist” women and responded to posts stating that he was out of line and rude with his statements. “Feminists are their own worst enemies, and enemy of women. Also, they want men to NEVER be believed. I’m not succumbing. TO HELL with the notion that women must be believed no matter what. Lying skanks is what these 3 women are, and we ALL know more,” tweeted Jackson.

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His comments appeared to be too much for FOX News, as they fired Jackson for his “reprehensible” commentary.

“Kevin Jackson has been terminated as a contributor,” a FOX spokesperson said in a statement “His comments on today’s hearings were reprehensible and do not reflect the values of FOX News.”

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