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Frequent Fox News Guest Appears to Call for the Destruction of Palestine

Frequent Fox News Guest Appears to Call for the Destruction of Palestine

Update: Correction — Original title cited Janie Johnson as a Fox News Contributor.  She is not an official contributor, but rather a frequent guest on the network.

There is little dispute that militant groups in Gaza fired hundreds of rockets into Israel earlier this month.

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An adequate and proportional response to those attacks may be warranted in some people’s minds, and indeed, as NPR reported on Sunday, a military response from Israel is happening. Yet one conservative pundit’s solution to the violence has some condemning her for apparently advocating disproportionate and genocidal action beyond a reasonable military response.

Right-wing author Janie Johnson composed a tweet on Sunday night in which she appeared to call for the complete destruction of Palestine as a consequence of the attacks. Johnson’s commentary didn’t seem to separate the actions of militants that attacked Israel, believed to be Hamas, from the peaceful residents of the Palestinian territories.

“Can we flatten Palestine already? Who would miss it?” Johnson wrote in a tweet that has since been deleted, according to reporting from Splinter.

Although Johnson has since removed the tweet, users across the social media platform condemned her for the words she had written. Johnson appeared to alter what her original argument was, quoting a tweet from a user who was defending her original statement by trying to suggest that Palestine didn’t exist at all.

“Exactly my argument,” Johnson wrote.

Except, it wasn’t — a clear reading of Johnson’s words from before, shows she advocated for the destruction of Palestinian territories, presumably including those who reside within them. None of what she wrote in the original tweet alluded to an idea that Palestine doesn’t exist, an argument which itself is controversial and offensive to the people living within those territories.

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Another user pointed out that fact to Johnson, stating that her earlier attack against Palestine wasn’t so much a defense of Israel, but rather a call to conduct genocide.

Johnson’s response to that argument didn’t provide any insights into her thinking, other than her undisputed support for the Israeli state. “God bless Israel” is all Johnson wrote.

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