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Fox News’ Wallace Demands Bolton Explain What Wars Media Has Caused

Fox News’ Wallace Demands Bolton Explain What Wars Media Has Caused

Chris Wallace, host of Fox News Sunday went on the offensive against national security adviser John Bolton after Trump, on Sunday morning, sent out a disturbing tweet in which he claimed the media was going to “cause war.”

After reading Trump’s tweets to Bolton, Wallace asked, “What wars have we caused?”

Bolton refused to answer the question, instead claiming that media bias “has been around for a long, long time.”

Wallace admitted that reporters sometimes report incorrect information and they are called out publicly for their mistakes. He then told Bolton that Donald Trump was “taking it to a completely different level.”

“That’s the president’s view, based on the attacks the media has made,” Bolton responded. “I think this kind of adversarial relationship is typical,” he added.

Trump’s tweet on Sunday focused on media “purposely” creating “division and distrust” in the United States as he promised to keep labeling reporters as “enemy of the people.”

Here’s Trump’s tweet that started the conversation.


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Donald Trump has made it a near daily talking point to label mainstream media as “fake news” while telling his base that Fox News is the only trusted source of information. Trump’s support of Fox News has led to many people calling the news network “state TV.”

In recent weeks, even Trump’s own favorite news program, Fox and Friends have gone on the offensive against the President’s ill-advised national and international policies.

Earlier in the week, CNN’s Jim Acosta confronted Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and asked if she believes the press was the enemy of the people. Huckabee refused to answer the question.

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