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Fox News’ Chris Wallace Blasts the Republican Whistleblower Spin

Fox News’ Chris Wallace Blasts the Republican Whistleblower Spin

The story of the White House whistleblower and their complaint against Donald Trump has become the country’s biggest story. The GOP created talking points for lawmakers and surrogates to use with the media and during their appearances on cable news. These talking points were also mistakenly sent to Democratic congresspeople earlier this week.

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A large part of the messaging strategy is attacking the credibility of the person who had made the complaint against Donald Trump. While speaking with Sandra Smith on Friday, Fox News journalist ripped this strategy and referred to it as “deeply misleading.”

Wallace told Smith, “The spinning that’s been done by the president’s defenders over the last 24 hours since this very damaging whistleblower complaint came out ― the spinning is not surprising, but it is astonishing and, I think, deeply misleading.”

The pundit took issue with attempts to argue that the President had done nothing wrong. “To dismiss this as a political hack … seems to me to be an effort by the president’s defenders to make nothing out of something, and there is something here,” he said.

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Wallace then said that strategy doesn’t exactly work because of how the Director of National Intelligence spoke of the whistleblower. He told Smith, “You’re going to have to wait and see what’s there, but it is a credible complaint, the [acting] Director of National Intelligence Joe Maguire said that it is credible and should be taken seriously. And I guess that’s all I’m really saying is that for all of the efforts of a lot of people the president to pretend this is nothing ― it isn’t nothing, it’s something.”

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