Fox News Cavuto: Trump Wasn’t Joking About Disinfectant Claims

Donald Trump’s press briefings have typically been long ordeals with the President talking much more than the experts surrounding him. Friday’s press briefing was truncated, though, with Trump and Vice President Mike Pence speaking and no question and answer session with the media.

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

The President had an embarrassing moment yesterday when he discussed the possibility to using industrial cleaner to treat COVID-19. He later said on Friday that the claims were meant to be facetious. Fox Business host Neil Cavuto, however, isn’t buying that explanation and said today that Trump wasn’t joking.

After playing a clip of Trump’s comments, Cavuto said, “Wow. That is a little unsettling, folks. Got to clarify this. The president was not joking in his remarks yesterday when he talked about injecting people with disinfectant, nor were we imagining the incredulous looks he got from his medical team when he made the suggestion.”

The Fox host continued, “There was nothing in those comments yesterday that hinted of the dismissal he was giving today. He is talking about injecting products like Lysol into your body to see if that can combat the disease. That is what he said.”

Cavuto also took Trump to task for his promotion of hydroxychlroquine. “Now, the president has often said that with hydroxychloroquine and these others, what have you got to lose,” he asked. “Well, in a V.A. study with a few hundred of our veterans, the risk is they have to lose their lives. It’s a vulnerable group that might have had respiratory or lung or heart-related issues that caused several of them to die. But this was at the V.A., this was not in China. These findings are from the FDA.”

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