Fox News Calls Out Rudy Giuliani For Being Short On Facts, Long On Lies In Press Conference

Once upon a time, Fox News was Donald Trump’s darling. He lavished the network with praise, called in to shows, and held their hosts in the highest esteem — while they all spoke supportively of him. Since losing the election, he’s lashed out hard at the network. On Thursday, Trump’s attorneys held a press conference to claim that there’s still a path to electoral victory. Fox reporter Kristen Fisher handled the conference candidly, saying it was “colorful” with “bold and baseless claims,” and calling Rudy Giuliani out for being “light on facts” and touting lies.

[Screenshot via C-SPAN]

Check out the clip below, in which Fisher says the conference was “light on facts” and that “so much of what [Giuliani] said was simply not true, or has already been thrown out of court.”

SHe addresses a long list of specific falsehoods in Giuliani’s claims, including that Michigan decertified votes (in fact, they’ve certified their election results) and that there’s proof of widespread fraud, though Giuliani said himself in court, “this is not a fraud case.”

In the audio clip below from Law & Crime reporter Adam Klasfeld, you can hear that — Giuliani telling a judge that stricter scrutiny might apply “if we had alleged fraud, yes, but this is not a fraud case.”

Trump has attacked Fox News a few times during his presidency, and particularly complained, as the election approached, when the network published poll numbers that he didn’t find encouraging, but since his loss to Joe Biden, he’s been especially hard on Fox, retweeting numerous Twitter accounts to tell his following to ditch the network for Newsmax or OANN instead.

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