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Fox News Calls Democrat “Racially Insensitive” for Eating Fried Chicken

Fox News Calls Democrat “Racially Insensitive” for Eating Fried Chicken

Attorney General, William Barr, appeared at a contentious Senate Judiciary Hearing on Wednesday afternoon. After answering questions from the Senate, Barr refused to appear before House representatives the very next day. Democrats blasted the Attorney General, accusing him of skirting his responsibilities to the United States.

Lawmakers were left to ask questions to an empty chair. During his time, Steve Cohen (D-TN), pulled out a bucket of chicken as a reference to Barr’s alleged cowardice. Fox & Friends, however, had a different interpretation of Cohen’s actions. The show called on conservative personalities, Diamond and Silk to explain how Cohen’s stunt was racially insensitive.

Lynette Hardway, also known as Diamond, claimed, ““He’s racially insensitive, that’s what I think. Can you imagine if that was a Republican doing that to a Democrat? Just think about that for a moment.”

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Fried chicken has been used as a racist prop against African Americans for close to a century. The fit here, however, is strange since both Barr and Cohen are white men.

Diamond continued her explanation, “I want you all to understand, the reason why the attorney general is experiencing all of this slander is because the Democrats are afraid they’re getting caught up in the shenanigans.”

The next step for the Attorney General is unknown. Multiple Democrats like Maxine Waters, Eric Swalwell and Seth Moulton have called for Barr to be impeached. Republican lawmakers, however, disagree. Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsay Graham told reporters, “I’m confident the [Mueller] investigation of the Trump campaign was thorough, complete, exhaustive. There was no collusion with the Russian government by the Trump campaign…..Its over.”

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