Fox New’s Brit Hume Supports Twitter User Who Says NYC Death Totals Are Inflated

There is plenty of misinformation out there on the internet concerning the COVID-19 epidemic. Some of this misguided info is coming from and supported by personalities from Fox News. Laura Ingraham recently had to pull down a tweet that cited a Doctor who didn’t work at the hospital she said he did.

Via Brit Hume Twitter

Another host, Brit Hume has also claimed that the deaths and hospitalizations attributed to the disease are inflated. On Wednesday night, the Fox anchor retweeted a message from a Twitter user who said New York is boosting up their totals.

The thread cited by Hume was written by a Twitter user who goes by the name Adam Townsend. Townsend has no medical credentials and describes himself on the website as an investor. The essential point of the thread was that most of the New Yorkers who had died from COVID-19 had preexisting conditions.

Hume wrote, “Very informative thread. Explains why NY’s Covid 19 fatality numbers are inflated. They dont’t distinguish between those who die with the disease and those who die from it.”

The Fox anchor was quickly blasted by multiple users. Lawyer Ted Frank tweeted, “Brit, please stop spreading misinformation. Diabetics don’t drop dead from bilateral pneumonia with sat levels below 60 without coronavirus.”

Hume was also blasted by pollster Frank Luntz, who replied, “Brit, you’re again citing someone with no background in medicine or epidemiology. Also, further down the thread, your source says about the coronavirus: “I have zero doubt this was manufactured in China.”

An unapologetic Hume responded, “Frank, for Pete’s sake, read the thread. It is laced with information and quotes from people who are amply qualified.”


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