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Fox News Anchors Again Heap Praise on DNC, Were Impressed With Jill Biden

Fox News Anchors Again Heap Praise on DNC, Were Impressed With Jill Biden

This week, all eyes are on the Democratic National Convention and speeches from Michelle Obama and Jill Biden. Next week the media will turn its eyes towards the RNC and speeches from Nicholas Sandmann and the St. Louis gun couple.

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The response to the DNC has been largely positive from pundits on all sides of the political aisle. Michelle Obama’s opening night speech was praised by a number of Fox anchors. On Tuesday night, they heaped praise on Jill Biden’s speech and the general production of the virtual event.

Dana Perrino said of the nomination roll call, “I don’t ever want to see another roll call taken in a convention hall. I think this has been awesome. I loved this trip around America.”

Former George W. Bush adviser Karl Rove was impressed with the event, remarking, “The Democrats did something tonight the Republicans ought to emulate… There was enormous message discipline. Whether it was Bill Clinton talking about covid — did you notice how many of the people in the roll call made a reference to the plague in their state?… I thought that was enormously good discipline. The Republicans would be wise to emulate that.”

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Brit Hume lauded Jill Biden for her speech about her husband, though he did sneak in a shot at Michelle Obama. “I think this speech tonight by Jill Biden was tremendously effective in the sense that it didn’t have a hard angry edge that we heard last night from Michelle Obama,” he said. “She highlighted things about Joe Biden’s character and temperament that were touched on by others, which are real, and which both parties have recognized in him for a long time.”


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