Fox News Anchor Chris Wallace Lauds Joe Biden’s Nomination Acceptance Speech

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace heaped praise onto Joe Biden after he delivered a powerhouse acceptance speech for the presidential nomination at the Democratic National Convention Thursday night.

Photo by David Cliff/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Biden gave an “enormously effective speech,” Chris Wallace said. “Remember that Donald Trump has been talking for months about Joe Biden as mentally shot, a captive of the left, and yes, Biden is reading from a TelePrompter and prepared speech. But I thought he blew a hole, a big hole in that characterization.”

Trump has referred to the former vice president as “Sleepy Joe” as recently as yesterday.

Wallace was particularly inspired when Biden said that “character is on the ballot” and “decency is on the ballot,” and that a “different path for the country” is possible under Biden’s plans “for the virus, for the economy, for climate change, race, and foreign policy.”

The coronavirus pandemic, which has raged in the United States since March, has claimed at least 174,000 American lives.

Biden, Wallace said, laid out a vision for “what a United America can do to accomplish all of those things.”

Wallace then made a not-so-subtle dig at the president.

“It seems to me that after tonight, Donald Trump is going to have to run against a candidate, not a caricature,” Wallace said. “The Democrats have had a good convention. Now it’s the Republicans’ turn.”

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