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Fox News Analyst: Trump’s Behavior Is Grounds For Impeachment

Fox News Analyst: Trump’s Behavior Is Grounds For Impeachment

HillReporter has previously reported on President Donald Trump’s attacks on Fox News analyst and former New Jersey Superior Court Judge Andrew Napolitano. This has gone to another level now, as Judge Napolitano has essentially declared that Trump has committed impeachable offenses.

In a Fox Business appearance, Fox host Neil Cavuto asked Napolitano, point black, if Democrats had, “clear impeachable offenses.”

When answering, Napolitano invoked the impeachment of President Bill Clinton, which some people believe was unwarranted and politically motivated. That debacle was nothing more than a national spectacle and resulted in nothing more than a waste of taxpayer money. Napolitano said of the same situation with Trump:

Asking people who work for you to lie to federal investigators, which is what Richard Nixon was accused of doing and Bill Clinton was accused of doing, has traditionally been characterized as a specie of utter high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Whether or not Trump’s alleged crimes rise to this level is not in the hands of a television legal analyst. However, Cavuto did say, “The president says that didn’t happen.”

Napolitano said:

“Bob Mueller says it did. It would be he said/he said. But it would be a basis for the House Judiciary Committee to begin investigations if they want. Stated differently, obstruction of justice has been found by either the Congress or the House Judiciary Committee consistently to be a lawful constitutional basis for impeachment.”

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“But impeachment is a political question, not a legal one.”

Indeed. And the Democrats control the House of Representatives. It all boils down to political courage at this point. We will all watch and see.

See the entire exchange between Cavuto and Napolitano below.

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