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Fox News Analyst Calls Trump an ‘idiot’ who is afraid of Joe Biden and the Media

Fox News Analyst Calls Trump an ‘idiot’ who is afraid of Joe Biden and the Media

Juan Williams has been appearing on Fox News for almost as long as the network has been on the air. Frequently serving as the liberal counterpoint, the former Washington Post scribe knows how to rile up his conservative co-hosts.

While discussing congressmen Justin Amash’s recent comments and president’s reaction, Williams referred to Trump as an idiot. The comments shocked his co-hosts who were roundly critical of the Michigan lawmaker’s weekend tweets.

“He’s going after Justin Amash. Why,” Williams asked his coworkers on Fox News’ The Five. “There’s a Republican finally saying it’s time to impeach this idiot. This is no coincidence.”

These comments angered co-host Jesse Waters, who replied, “He’s not an idiot, Juan. He’s the president of the United States.” Williams responded by inferring that one could be both.

This wasn’t the only criticism the liberal host leveled against the President during the broadcast. Williams also felt that Trump is showing that he’s afraid of Democratic hopeful, Joe Biden.

Williams told his co-hosts:

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“I think if we invited Donald Trump to the table to play poker with The Five, I’d take his money big time. It’s like a poker player and he keeps blinking. He’s like, ‘I know what’s going on.’ He thinks Joe Biden is a threat in Pennsylvania. That’s why he’s attacking Joe Biden like that. He’s not attacking Kamala Harris. He’s not going after anybody else. He’s going after Joe Biden, he’s going after the media sometimes.”

You can watch a clip of Williams comments here:


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