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Fox News Adds What Sounds Like a Laugh Track to an Interview With Donald Trump

Fox News Adds What Sounds Like a Laugh Track to an Interview With Donald Trump

The adulation for former President Donald Trump over at Fox News reached a comically absurd level on Wednesday night when right-wing propagandist Greg Gutfeld inserted what sounded like laugh tracks into an interview he had with the twice-impeached, 75-year-old amateur golfer who once occupied the White House.


“And then you started and now I think, I don’t know if it’s love but it’s getting close and we like it,” Trump remarked on his prickly relationship with Gutfeld, which was immediately followed by [artificial?] laughter.

“I wouldn’t say it’s love. But I would say it’s admiration and admitting that I was wrong because I was focusing on words and not deeds. And now we’re at a time where there are no more mean tweets and we have a really nice president and the country is in the crapper,” Gutfeld replied, referring to President Joe Biden. “So who would you rather have?” he asked.

“Well, I don’t know that he’s a nice president. I’m not sure about that,” Trump said to additional laughter.

Trump then accused Afghan refugees of being terrorists.

“But I can tell you the country has never been more unsafe. We have people pouring in through our southern border which everyone’s forgetting about right now because of the travesty of Afghanistan. And if you look at the people coming in by the hundreds, by the thousands, and these are not the people necessarily that wanted the protection. These are people – so are they terrorists? – so many terrorists are coming in,” he said. “And they were aggressive, very aggressive at the plane. They pushed their ways – their way onto the plane.”

Nothing like racism for yucks.

Watch below via Aaron Rupar of Vox:

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