Fox Legal Analyst Says Trump Must Fire Christopher Wray for Not Taking Hunter Biden Case Seriously

The Republican campaign for the presidency, senate and house is going very poorly. If election day was tomorrow, it is likely that Democrats would be in control of all 3 bodies of government. Other than this week’s presidential debate, the GOP has one more hope for their chances; smearing Hunter Biden.

Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

The attempt, however, done through the New York Post, fell flat on its face. And rather than looking closely into Joe Biden’s son, the FBI is looking into the original source of the information. Gregg Jarrett recently told Tucker Carlson that Trump needs to fire FBI head Christopher Wray.

The Fox legal analyst said during Carlson’s radio show, “The current FBI director Christopher Wray continues to cover this up, Sean. You know, as you well know, I have long called for his termination, he must be fired and he must be fired now. President Trump must act. The truth will never be exposed until Christopher Wray is sacked from his job as director of the FBI. He is James Comey in disguise.”

Jarrett continued:

“My only gripe with President Trump is that he hasn’t fired Christopher Wray. My second gripe would be appointing Christopher Wray. But, it’s long overdue and imagine walking into Christopher Wray’s office there would be a treasure trove of evidence of illegality and corruption by Joe Biden and Hunter Biden who is nothing more than a grifter. They were on the take, they were accepting money from foreign sources and that’s influence peddling and it’s corruption.”

Listen to a clip of the comments below, courtesy of Media Matters:



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