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Fox Hosts Are Already Calling for Biden To Be Impeached if He Wins

Fox Hosts Are Already Calling for Biden To Be Impeached if He Wins

Of course Donald Trump could win the election this year. But the odds look to be in Joe Biden’s favor. The election tracker on 538.com, which gave Trump a 30ish% chance to win in 2016, is now giving him only a 10% chance. The Economist election tracker is only giving him a 5% chance.

The hosts of Fox News are seemingly coming to the realization that Biden could be the next president. They, however, would not take something like that sitting down. Multiple Fox anchors have said that Biden should be impeached by Republicans if he is to win the White House.

On a Wednesday episode of the Five, Lisa Kennedy Montgomery said, “[Democrats] lower[ed] the bar. Why wouldn’t you, if you are using the same threshold and the same standard, why would you not impeach Joe Biden?”

Greg Gutfeld also chimed in on the idea. He asked, “why don’t the Republicans start preemptive impeachment on Joe Biden, in case he wins? They could start it tomorrow, what do you think?”

And after running a segment on the dubious Hunter Biden investigation, Tucker Carlson invited Trump super fan Jeanine Pirro onto his show. The former Judge said, “This guy can’t get a security clearance if he worked in the Oval Office. And they want to impeach Donald Trump? They can impeach him for what he did in the Ukraine.”

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Of course, if Republicans did want to begin impeachment hearings against Biden, they would need to have control of the House (where the impeachment process typically begins). If Biden is to win, it is also unlikely that Republicans would retain control of the Senate.


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