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Fox Host Watters: You Can’t Fight Climate Change, So You Should Adapt to It [VIDEO]

Fox Host Watters: You Can’t Fight Climate Change, So You Should Adapt to It [VIDEO]

Republicans have been furiously fighting against doing anything about climate change for decades. But as the years go by, the reality of the situation is getting more and more clear.

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That doesn’t mean, however, that Fox news is going to change their minds. In fact, it seems like the network is digging in on climate change denialism. During a Wednesday segment, Jesse Watters said that you don’t fight climate change, you adapt to it.

United States Climate Czar John Kerry is currently in Europe speaking with other country’s about combating climate change. The Fox host said of the idea:

“Do you really think the Chinese and these Middle Eastern oil kingdoms are gonna listen to John Kerry and stop fossil fuels? Come on, man. He’s just in it for the luxury travel. If you want to stop climate change, you don’t fight climate change. If it’s getting warmer, you adapt to it. Let’s just say, the sea levels rise a couple inches over the next century. Ok. It’s a great civilization we have here. I think we can adapt to that. The Netherlands – 25% below sea level – they’re like a powerhouse in Europe. They didn’t just destroy their economy to fight the rise of the sea levels right there, they built reservoirs and kind of adjusted around the coastline and they’re fine. They didn’t have to break the bank to do it.”

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Watch a clip of the climate segment below, courtesy of the Fox News Network:

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