Fox Host Watters Wonders if People Making $20/Hr Make Six Figures [VIDEO]

All throughout the election season, Republicans will tell working-class people that they are trying to make life better for them. At the same time, Conservatives will always side with big business over the little man. The latest example of this is how Fox News has covered California's recent increase in the minimum wage for fast food workers to $20. 

The raise aims to ensure that working people aren't living in poverty. Fox, of course, thinks it's too much money, with Jesse Watters even wondering if fast food workers are now making six-figure salaries.

During an appearance on the Patrick Bet-David podcast, Watters asked the host, "You’re very good at math, so see if you can do this in your head. You probably can. If you’re making $20 an hour to work at a fast food restaurant, alright, is that– is that six figures? Are you making six figures."

The host told Watters that the actual amount in a full work week would be $40,000 a year. Still the Fox host still tried to claim it was way too much money. 

"So, if your husband or wife is also there, you’re making $100,000 as a family. Both working at McDonald’s," Watters said, continuing to butcher basic math. 

The Fox host closed, "Ok, that’s crazy. That is crazy, because that job really doesn’t require much. So, it’s inflating the entire– you know, labor sector and the Happy Meal.”