Fox Host Watters: When Fauci Criticizes Trump, It Makes it Hard for Me to Listen to him

Essentially every industrialized nation has done a better job of combating COVID than the United States. Prior to the vaccine, there were pretty clear ways to combat the virus. But thanks to the directives of Donald Trump, many Americans don’t want to wear masks or observe social distancing protocols.

Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images

Dr. Anthony Fauci, who tried to advise Trump on keeping America safe, is now doing the same for the Biden administration. Yesterday, Fauci discussed how much easier his life is now that he’s working with people who belive in science.

But Fox’ Jesse Watters doesn’t want to hear it. In fact, Watters says, the fact the Fauci is willing to criticize Trump makes it hard for him to listen to the doctor’s advice.

During an episode of Fox News’ The Five, Watters said, “I want to talk about Fauci. If Fauci really thought the president of the United States was killing Americans, he should have resigned instead of staying there and trying to be this underground hero and then stabbed the guy in the back the second day after he’s down in Florida.”

The Fox pundit continued, “I want to like Fauci, he’s a scientist, I want to listen to him, but he’s making it very hard for me to listen to him. I want my scientists to be talking about science. Every time he opens his mouth, I hear politics. You know, he’s throwing out the first pitch, he’s sitting for magazine covers with his legs crossed in a little chair by a pool. You know, he sounds like a pundit on CNN.”


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