Fox Host Shares a Tweet From QAnon Conspiracy Theorist

A Fox & Friends host cited a tweet from a controversial source on Friday morning, exposing viewers to an account that peddles largely unfounded and arguably dangerous conspiracy theories that are decidedly pro-Trump.

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

A tweet from user @QAnon76 was among others included in a segment by host Carley Shimkus. The Fox News host was showcasing users across the internet who were hailing a recently signed executive order from President Donald Trump regarding campus free speech.

“Do not for one second, underestimate the significance of this EO,” the tweet read, according to reporting from The Daily Beast. “Thank you POTUS for reestablishing and preserving FREE SPEECH rights for ALL students.”

The account has over 160,000 followers, and its “QAnon” name is a reference to a set of conspiracy theories alleging a deep-state operation within the government that’s working against the president.

Adherents of the “Q” conspiracy theory believe that an individual who goes by that single-letter moniker is leaving clues for others to find, detailing how the president is fighting against the deep-state actors within the federal government. Followers of “Q” also believe that the president is battling Democrats in a secret war, alleging that members of the party are part of a pedophile cult that is working against the president’s interests.

To be clear: there is no basis or evidence supporting these kinds of conspiracy theories.

Followers of “Q” relished in the fact that a tweet from a prominent QAnon account had made it to Fox & Friends. “We are the news!” wrote one follower.

User @QAnon76 also seemed to be celebratory in the fact that they made it to the program. “We (ALL OF US) are doing a great job red-pilling the masses!” the account’s user wrote on Friday, a reference to an often used term on the alt-right referring to a supposed awakening of others to truthful circumstances in society.

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