Fox Host: Matthew Perry Should Have Treated His Depression With Fresh Air [VIDEO]

This week, it was revealed that Matthew Perry had died from the effects of the drug, ketamine. The popular Friends actor had struggled with drug addiction for several years.

The Fox and Friends panel brought on Dr. Marc Siegel to discuss the matter. Rachel Campos-Duffy thought it was appropriate to offer some alternatives the actor could have turned to in place of pharmaceuticals. 

The host opined, "You know, Dr. Siegel, as I hear this story, what I just hear is lots of pharmaceuticals, this cocktails of pharmaceuticals all to deal with depression. And I just wonder if that's the right way to deal with depression."

Campos-Duffy continued:

"I mean, can you talk to our viewers about other ways that don't involve pharmaceuticals to deal with depression, like going outdoors, getting fresh air, having more, you know, close connections with humans. What else can people do besides these dangerous cocktails of big pharmacies like everybody's on these things?"

The doctor actually agreed with the host, saying, "That is the real really the message here. Going outdoors exercising more, he did play pickleball, of course, but really letting people love you and loving them back definitely is a way out of this darkness."