Fox Host Levin Says Trump Should Ignore Fauci’s Wishes and Keep Using Deceptive Ad

Donald Trump has brutally mishandled the coronavirus. A big part of his failure has come from his refusal to listen to experts like renowned immunologist Anthony Fauci. Trump, however, wants voters to think that he has the support of the doctor.

Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Radio Hall of Fame

The president’s campaign has recently taken heat for using a deceptive clip of Dr. Fauci in a campaign ad. A furious Fauci said that he didn’t approve of this and wants to be taken down. Mark Levin, though, thinks that Trump should ignore the doctor’s wishes.

The Fox host began, “Now you know why not a single news organization in the entire country, not even my own network, asked me to comment on my interview of Dr. Fauci. Not one. Because I remember it front to end. There are at least 6 or 7 lines in that interview that could have been used in a Trump ad.”

Levin continued:

“Now Dr. Fauci says ‘in all my years I’ve never been used in a campaign ad before’ this is amazing coming from a man who’s been on hundreds and hundreds of TV shows and interviews and so forth and so on but don’t use it in an ad no-no-no-no. How absurd is that ladies and gentlemen? He’s a public figure making public comments about one of the biggest issues of our time. Don’t use it in an ad? Of course, of course the Trump administration and the Trump campaign should continue to use it in ads because its the truth.”

Listen to a clip of Levin’s comments below, courtesy of Westwood One radio:



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