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Fox Host Laura Ingraham’s Brother Thinks She Should Be Subpoenaed In January 6th Attack

Fox Host Laura Ingraham’s Brother Thinks She Should Be Subpoenaed In January 6th Attack

Fox News host Laura Ingraham’s brother, Curtis Ingraham, doesn’t hold back in sharing his views on the news/opinion station where his sister works, not or the effects of her on-air rhetoric. He’s referred to her as a monster, and called her out for the harm he believes she does in the way she reports about the pandemic and vaccines as well as election and other political conspiracies.

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Now, with the revelation that she and other Fox media personalities were actually contacting Mark Meadows, who was Donald Trump’s Chief of Staff, during the failed insurrection on January 6th, he says it may be time for the House Select Committee to subpoena her as part of their investigation into the events leading up to and occurring on that day.

According to the Washington Post, Meadows was contacted during the attack on Congress by at least three Fox media figures. Sean Hannity, Brian Kilmeade, and Laura Ingraham all sent messages to Meadows that collectively pleaded for him to convince Trump to make a statement and get his supporters to leave the Capitol, and expressed concerns that the attack was “destroying everything you have accomplished” (Kilmeade) and “hurting all of us” (Ingraham).

Footage from the same evening shows Ingraham hosting a guest who tried to pass the blame on to ‘antifa’ for the attack.

In light of the news that Ingraham had tried, earlier in the day, to get Trump to call off his supporters — suggesting that she herself had no doubt about whether the attackers supported Trump — her brother says he’s not surprised.

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He also thinks that maybe Congress should subpoena Ingraham to share any information she has about the attack, and about what the then-president and his Administration may have known about it before it happened.

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