Fox Host Corrects Actor Kevin Sorbo On Air After He Compares COVID-19 to Flu

Kevin Sorbo rose to fame during the 1990’s by playing Hercules on the popular Legendary Journeys series. He’s had an interesting second career appearing in dramatic Christian movies like God’s Not Dead and Let There Be Light.

Photo Via Throomers

The actor is also a staunch Republican who makes regular appearances on Fox News. During one of those recent TV spots, Sorbo had to be corrected by anchor Jillian Mele after he attempted to compare COVID-19 to the flu.

Sounding like a true conspiracy theorist, Sorbo told the host:

“I’m not saying this virus isn’t dangerous. Of course, it’s dangerous… But you know, look at the common flu. The so-called common flu is 60 to 80,000 people a year die every year from the flu. Are we doing anything about that? Are we social distancing from that? There’s more going on here guys and it’s about control and power over our lives. That’s what government wants to do.”

The actor’s wife, Sam then weighed in, “I’ve seen small businesses opening, defying the state orders. We need business because guess what’s essential, folks. Food is essential and feeding your family is essential. And the fact is we established this nation for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The pursuit of happiness or prosperity is actually having a job.”

Grocery stores and businesses that provide food are open in every state in America.

Mele then cut in to tell her audience, “All the experts do say that this is different and a lot more contagious than the flu. And we do need to take certain medical and safety precautions. So just want to clarify that.”

Watch a clip of the interview below:

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