Fox Host Ainsley Earhardt Hopes Trump Forgives Pence for Not Overturning the Election for Him

In the aftermath of yesterday’s attack on the Capitol, there are a number of different takes. MSNBC and CNN hosts are calling for Donald Trump to be removed via the 25th Amendment.  Over on Fox News, the hosts are worried about how Trump is holding up.

John Lamparski/Getty Images

The hosts of Fox & Friends spent much of the morning defending the actions of the protesters. Ainsley Earhardt even hoped that Mike Pence’s choice to certify the election doesn’t ruin his friendship with Donald Trump.

The Fox host began, “I hope that doesn’t tank their relationship because they have been such supporters of one another and a good team.” An appalled Steve Doocy asked, “How can it be good after that?”

Earhardt continued, “I’m sure it won’t be, but I hope, I hope that the President will be able to forgive him because Mike Pence is such a stellar individual whose walk with God is amazing. He’s a good man. And you know, both of them have done a lot to help the country. And I hope that they can move forward and move past this and just agree that there were differences.”

The Fox host then said, “I’m sure the President feels like, ‘I’m responsible for him becoming Vice President, so maybe he should have done this for me.’ But the Vice President has stood by him and supported him all along. So hopefully their friendship won’t end over this for the good of the country.”

Former RNC chair Michael Steele was aghast at Earhardt’s comments, writing, “In the face of the carnage of yesterday, what the hell is she talking about? You are hoping Trump ‘forgives’ Pence for doing his job?”

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