Fox Guest: Trump's Constant Gaffes due to Typos on Teleprompter

Donald Trump's verbal gaffes are nothing new. He's been misspeaking on the campaign trail for years. Many Conservatives don't realize this, though, as the networks they watch would never cover them. 

Lately, however, Trump's gaffes have become so common that they can't be ignored. Even Nikki Haley has begun to discuss his mental competence on the campaign trail. Still, when a Fox host asked a guest about the situation, she had a convenient excuse. 

Howard Kurtz asked his guest Mollie Hemingway, "So Mollie, is a simple slurring of the words or mixing things up — look, if you're on the air a lot, you do make these mistakes, including me — enough to justify a clip going viral online and everybody yakking about it?"

The guest answered, "Well, I mean, in the first case, the Trump situation, clearly a typo on the teleprompter or a misread of the teleprompter."

Hemingway then shamelessly claimed that the problem was much worse when it came to Joe Biden. She told Kurtz, "I just, I don't even know what to say because it's so hard for me to understand him. That is an embarrassment to a lot of Americans regardless of political persuasion."

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Fox News: