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Fox & Friends Tears Trump Apart Over Syrian Withdrawal

Fox & Friends Tears Trump Apart Over Syrian Withdrawal

It’s no secret that Fox and Friends is Donald Trump’s favorite TV show. The President frequently hypes the program on his twitter feed and has granted the hosts long, exclusive interviews. If the president tuned into the show today, he couldn’t have been happy with what he witnessed. Show host, Brian Kilmeade, ripped into Trump over his decision to remove troops from Syria.


Kilmeade began the segment by referring to Trump’s decision as “stunning and irresponsible.” He also accused the president of blindsiding Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, and also the troops on the ground.

He then talked about Trump’s specious claim that ISIS has been defeated:

“Nobody thinks that ISIS is defeated. Nobody who understands who was born after 2000 who sees what’s happened after 9/11, understands. ISIS is there. They are still a factor. They are far from defeated. There are 30,000 there.”

Co-host Ed Henry, seemingly taken aback by Kilmeade’s intensity, attempted to defend the president’s gains against ISIS. Kilmeade was having none of it, replying, “the gains are temporary, these guys melt away, you need a presence.”

This is not the first time Fox & Friends has been critical of the president in recent weeks. Just last week, the hosts pushed back on Mike Pompeo as he evaded questions about Jamal Khashoggi.

Trump’s Syria decision has been unpopular with many GOP Senators.  Frequent Trump supporter Lindsay Graham said, ” The job of the Congress is to hold the executive branch accountable. He’s the commander in chief, but he needs to be held accountable for his decisions. And I want hearings as soon as possible.”

Marco Rubio also took issue, “I didn’t hear anybody that disagreed with the view I’ve taken … this is a major mistake. And I hope they reverse it. Because if not, I think it will haunt this administration.“

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