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Fox & Friends Panel Goes Berserk Over Maskless Democratic Governor Drinking Wine

Fox & Friends Panel Goes Berserk Over Maskless Democratic Governor Drinking Wine

Fox News commentator Rachel Campos-Duffy and her husband Sean Duffy, a CNN political analyst and former GOP Congressman, complained on Thursday morning’s edition of Fox & Friends that the United States is turning into China because a Democratic governor slipped up and drank wine at a restaurant without wearing a mask.

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Host Brian Kilmeade was enraged over reports that a handful of Democratic mayors and governors have been spotted maskless in public places – specifically restaurants – a subject about which his network has routinely mislead the public:

KILMEADE: Rachel, nice to see you again. Again this happened. We saw the mayor of Austin, we saw the governor of California, we saw the mayor of Colorado, tell everybody to stay in place and not to travel and then don’t eat in restaurants, and then they go – are caught doing the same exact thing. We have another example now. The governor, Gina Raimondo, urged residents to stay home except for essential activities, and then she’s caught out having wine at a bar over in Rhode Island. Would you comment on this?

Granted, politicians not heeding their own health warnings is a bad look. But hypocrisy is worse:

CAMPOS-DUFFY: First, the good news is we all now know that drinking wine is essential. So that’s the good news. We’ve known that, and it can be done at home. But guess what? We are social creatures, and I do think that it has been nine long months, and that so many of us need that human contact. So I am glad to see that that is happening.

Sure, nearly a year of social restrictions and mass death have taken an enormous toll on Americans’ psychological well-being, however, blaming Democrats for the nation’s financial woes a false narrative.

If anyone is responsible for widespread frustrations surrounding coronavirus safety precautions, it is the feckless Republican Party, which rather than sending additional aid to American workers and small businesses, has obsessed over bailing out corporations, churches, and the economic elite:

CAMPOS-DUFFY: I will tell you the hardest thing for me this past week has been watching so many of these videos on Twitter of business owners, small business owners, pleading with soulless Democrats for their right as Americans to make an honest living. And I’m just reaching the point where I’m like is this China? Or is this America? I just think it’s time for us to stop asking for permission.

KILMEADE: Well she’s ridiculous. She tells everyone else to stay home and goes out and pops a bottle. You gotta be kidding me, it’s just ridiculous.  

CAMPOS-DUFFY: Right, and then her supporters said she put her mask back on. We don’t know if that’s true or not.

KILMEADE: Oh, please.

CAMPOS-DUFFY: It’s ridiculous. This is what you see by the way in so many socialist countries where the leadership doesn’t have to follow the same rules as everybody else.

Has Campos-Duffy been soaking in an isolation tank for the last nine months? Did she not witness Trump’s relentless crusade against masks, his denial of the severity of the COVID-19’s pathology, his infection with the coronavirus, and how he personally spread it around the White House?

Her husband then interjected so he could hear himself speak:

DUFFY: If I could jump in too – Rachel says are we American or Chinese? Americans actually don’t always take the authoritarian rule from our leaders. We actually stand up and push back. These bar owners and restaurant owners, they should actually organize and say listen…

KILMEADE: Absolutely.

DUFFY: … and say we’re all going to stay open. We’re not going to follow the rules and you can’t put us all in jail. We’re all going to open up. And by the way, you don’t have to come and see us. You can stay home with your mask on and drink your wine at home.

KILMEADE: Exactly. It’s a choice.

DUFFY: But those that want to come out to our restaurant, we’re going to be open and we’re going to be safe. And by the way, if these closures continue, Brian, and the government gives these workers a check for a little while, they’re going to have checks for the rest of their life because there won’t be any bars and restaurants to go back to work in.

Duffy has obviously never worked in food service.

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The conversation continued:

DUFFY: They’re all going to be closed. We’re all going to be forced, or these workers are going to be forced to be on, you know, the government dole forever because they’re crushing these small businesses, Brian, that won’t come back.

KILMEADE: Maybe that’s the goal. Maybe that’s the goal.

DUFFY: Maybe.

CAMPOS-DUFFY: Maybe it is. That’s what they’re doing in China. They’re, you know, they’re consolidating power, even more, whatever little bit of free market was left over this pandemic. You know, Chairman Xi has consolidated and made it less so. Because the middle class has always been the most unruly, you know, feisty group. And that is who you have to control. And I agree with Sean. I don’t know why they haven’t gotten together en masse and said we’re not doing this.

Or maybe, just maybe, Democrats want to get COVID-19 under control so that people stop needlessly dying and the economy can be restructured to be fairer and more equitable for all Americans, instead of priviliged do-nothings at Fox News.

Watch below, courtesy of Crooks and Liars:

Thirty-four days until the inauguration.

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