Fox & Friends Hosts Gleeful They Don’t Have to Read all 300 Pages of Mueller Report

Robert Mueller’s investigation into Donald Trump was incredibly thorough. The special prosecutor interviewed over 50 people and eventually compiled a 300-page report of his findings. Attorney General William Barr then summarized the information contained in this report in a 3 1/2 page letter.

Photo: Fox & Friends / Screenshot

Democrats are eager to get their hands on the entire Mueller report. Others, however, are happy the attorney general made it easy on them. This morning, the hosts of Fox & Friends celebrated the fact that they don’t have to read all 300 pages.

The hosts were happy to take Barr at his word and critical of those in the media who aren’t. Brian Kilmeade said, “The headlines are so negative on a positive story for the president. They can’t handle it.”

Ainsley Earhardt agreed with her co-host, “And Brian like you said, the summary thing, everyone is probably thankful they don’t have to read the 300 pages. We all will, probably, but you at home, you’re probably not going to sit down and read 300 pages, you want the summary.”

Kilmeade finished the segment with a joke, “I have a confession, I never read the Odyssey. I only read the Monarch notes. I still got a very good, uh, I still got a very good grade.”

Here’s the full segment:

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