Fox & Friends’ Doocy Begrudgingly Admits That Biden’s Approval Rating is Pretty Doggone Good

Following months of good approval numbers, Fox & Friends anchor Steve Doocy finally admitted that most Americans think Joe Biden is doing a very good job.

Fox Anchor, Steve Doocy (Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images)

The anchors on Fox News have done everything in their power to avoid talking about Joe Biden’s successes. Instead, viewers are often bombarded with rants about Dr. Seuss, immigration and cancel culture. But during Monday morning’s broadcasts, the hosts of Fox & Friends finally discussed Biden’s approval ratings.

Doocy told his colleagues, “ultimately right now Joe Biden has pretty doggone high approval ratings. His economy is working. His advisers feel that at this point in time, he has the opening to raise taxes. They boiled the Biden formula down to this: talk like a rosey bipartisan, but act like a ruthless partisan.”

Brian Kilmeade, of course, had to tie it back to the previous president who was wildly unpopular during his time in office. He admitted that Biden’s rankings are, “better than Donald Trump’s, but Donald Trump had this fake Russia scandal around him and all the controversy with the election because Hillary Clinton still hasn’t admitted that she lost.”

Doocy countered the comments, “I suggest that he has got pretty good poll numbers because when you look at the number that Ainsley gave about the number of people in this country who are polarized and not united…If it’s 80 percent says we are a divided nation, and have you got anything in a majority, given the climate, that’s pretty good I think.”

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