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Fox & Friends Blast Trump For Blaming U.S. Over Bad Russia Relations

Fox & Friends Blast Trump For Blaming U.S. Over Bad Russia Relations

It’s no secret that Fox News has been a staunch ally to President Trump. Ever since Trump was elected in 2016, the network has gone to bat for Trump against his many critics. Case in point, Fox News host, Laura Ingraham lost two major sponsors after defending the President’s child separation policy at the border. The host of  The Ingraham Angle referred to the child detention centers as, “summer camps.”

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Sometimes, however, Fox News hosts will criticize the President.  On Monday morning, Brian Kilmeade, stated, “I don’t understand Trump tweet blaming US for bad Russia relations.” Kilmeade called the President’s comments “ridiculous” and he wasn’t alone in that assessment.

Republican Senator Ben Saase also called out Trump and demanded that the president declare Russia the “enemy of America and our allies.”

A shift in sentiment is becoming more common from the right.  Former Fox News reporter Carl Cameron claimed on Sunday that Donald Trump is “still colluding” with Russia, even after every major U.S. Intelligence agency clearly stated that Russia attacked the U.S. election system in 2016.

Earlier in the day, Hill Reporter noted that Russia’s Foreign Ministry sent out a tweet in which they said, “We agree” with Trump’s assessment that Russia is not at fault for a poor relationship with the United States. Instead, the POTUS claims the U.S. has been “foolish” and “stupid” for years.

While Fox News is often referred to by the left as “state-run TV” under the Trump administration, Kilmeade is not the first Fox News host to take a similar stance. In June, Neil Cavuto faced a huge Twitter backlash after criticizing the President for scapegoating and engaging in various Twitter feuds.

Fox Business Network host, Dagen McDowell, said that conservatives would be, “shouting to the high heavens” if President Obama had issued massive tariffs like Trump has. These moments don’t happen often, but there may be a good reason behind them.

In May of this year, Suzanne Scott, was named the new CEO of Fox News. Suzanne Scott doesn’t seem to have the same tolerance for inappropriate comments the way Rodger Ailes did. It was previously reported by The Hill that the network’s new CEO warned hosts about inappropriate on-air comments. She gave the warning via video message. The first woman CEO of the conservative giant wants accountability from her hosts and she may finally be getting what she wants.

Back in June, former Trump campaign advisor, David Bossie, was suspended after telling a black guest on Fox and Friends, that he was “out of his cotton picking mind.” Moments like these may occur more with the change in tone that Suzanne Scott seems to want. Only time will tell.

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