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Fox & Friends Backs Up Donald Trump’s Horribly Inaccurate Asylum Seekers Claim

Fox & Friends Backs Up Donald Trump’s Horribly Inaccurate Asylum Seekers Claim

President Donald Trump recently shared horribly inaccurate numbers regarding asylum seekers and despite immediate and undeniable proof that the President was lying through his teeth his buddies at Fox & Friends decided to share the President’s fake news with their audience.

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During a White House Speech on Thursday, President Trump claimed that only three percent of migrants show up for their court date after being apprehended and the given admission into the United States as they await a hearing.

The Toronto Star’s Daniel Dale was quick to point out that it’s actually only three percent of people who DO NOT show up. The Justice Department’s own numbers reveal that in 2017 at least 89 percent of asylum seekers appeared for their hearings and in the three years prior, that number topped 90 percent.

Fox & Friends, however, appeared to think the narrative of only 3% of people showing up for their hearings appealed more to their base of Donald Trump supporters.

“In the past, when you were released, only a small fraction after that actually show up for their hearings,” Co-host Pete Hegseth said.

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Then another Co-host, Ainsley Earhardt said “correct” and added, “it’s just two percent.”

“That’s right,” Hegseth added, “Very low.”

It’s immediately apparent that the team at Fox & Friends for the umpteenth time took Donald Trump at his word even though the President has already spouted off more than 5,000 lies and misleading statements in less than two years in office.

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