Fox & Friends’ Attempt to Discredit ‘Medicare For All’ Backfires Tremendously

Fox & Friends has become ever more popular since President Trump has taken office. The President has gone out of his way to praise the show, and has made it well known that he is a regular viewer.

Yesterday, after much talk on Fox News about Bernie Sanders’ ‘Medicare For All’ bill which is estimated to cost approximately $32.6 trillion, the Twitter account for Fox & Friends posted an interesting poll.  It read as follows:

“Bernie Sanders’ ‘Medicare for all’ bill estimated to cost $32.6 trillion, new study says. Would the benefits outweigh the costs?”

31,650 votes were cast, and the poll was retweeted 1,647 times.  If the producers of Fox & Friends posted the poll with the intention of showing that most of America would be against Sanders’ plan, that idea backfired in a hurry.

An astounding 73% (23,104) of participants answered “Yes”, as in “Yes the benefits would outweigh the costs”.  Only 27% (8,546) said “No”.

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