Fox Business Host Suggests Dems Shouldn’t Impeach Trump Because Of Soleimani Attack

Following the attack and assassination of a high-level military official from Iran named Qasem Soleimani, several takes about how the order from President Donald Trump came down — including his neglecting to inform Congress or the Gang of Eight about the order itself — have been made.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

But one Fox Business host is looking beyond yesterday’s military strike and considering how it might affect the effort to impeach and remove Trump in the near future.

According to reporting from Raw Story, Stuart Varney appeared to suggest that Democrats might have a hard time moving forward with the impeachment process entirely.

“What do the Democrats do with this?” Varney asked rhetorically, discussing the killing of Soleimani. “Most of them have come out and said, ‘yeah, Soleimani was a bad guy, he deserved what he got, but we were reckless in taking him out.'”

Varney then questioned whether impeachment should be dropped entirely.

“And where does it leave impeachment? Are we now going to try to impeach and remove from office the commander-in-chief who’s just taken out one of the world’s leading terrorists? That’s quite a question, I suggest,” Varney said.

Impeachment, however, focuses on a specific instance of wrongdoing by Trump that is unrelated to the strike on Soleimani. Even if Americans were supportive of the attack, performing a task to someone’s liking doesn’t excuse the actions that were done in some other venue, if they’re deemed to be inappropriate (an embezzler isn’t excused for their actions because they volunteer at the food pantry, for instance).

Trump himself employs such tactics on a frequent basis, noting that the stock market is doing well, and often citing it as a reason for why he shouldn’t be impeached.

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