Fox Business Host: Flailing DeSantis Will Stay In Race And Hope Something Happens To Trump

Fox Business' Charles Gasparino is reporting that Ron DeSantis has enough money to stay in the Republican nomination race and hope something bad happens to Donald Trump. 

Despite several candidates joining the race, Trump is dominating the polls for the nomination. Of course, there are plenty of things that can derail the former President. He is an older candidate and health is always a worry. Trump is also facing several serious legal cases and has a legitimate shot at being in jail by the time the election comes around. 

Ron DeSantis was once seen as Trump's chief rival in the race. But once he got on the road and started campaigning, Republicans didn't seem interested in buying what he is selling. Still, according to Gasparino, the Florida Governor has no intention of dropping out. 

The Fox Business host wrote:

"Scoop: People close to Ron DeSantis growing increasingly despondent about his chances as he continues to languish in polls. They say he is stubbornly refusing the drop out and has enough money to stay in race hoping that something existential happens to Donald Trump."

The Trump campaign has relentlessly trolled one-time friend DeSantis with surrogate Steven Cheung remarking, "Maybe Ron should consider visiting a smoke shop and buy some edibles to take the stress away, something [DeSantis strategist] Jeff Roe should know about since he’s lobbying for marijuana legalization in Iowa."