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Fox Business Airs Bulletproof Backpack Segment With ‘Bulletproof’ Song

Fox Business Airs Bulletproof Backpack Segment With ‘Bulletproof’ Song

The song “Bulletproof” by La Roux was recently played during a Fox Business Network segment in which new “high-end bulletproof backpacks” for students were being discussed. Also discussed was bulletproof clothing.

“Back to school backpacks taking on a whole new meaning this morning,” host Maria Bartiromo declared as she showed off the lineup of bullet-resistant products by the company MC Armor.

With gun violence becoming an increasingly deadly issue in the United States, MC Armor is capitalizing on that grief with a lineup of products geared specifically toward an American audience.

The “Bulletproof” song, released in 2009, focuses on what it takes to overcome the end of a romantic relationship which makes the segments song choice even stranger. Throw in the upbeat tempo of the song and it’s immediately clear that it was the wrong choice for discussing such a serious topic.

“In the U.S., sadly, there’s the guns, everybody can have a gun,” MC Armor Marketing Manager Carolina Casas explained to Bartiromo. “So, here, kids need to be protected, and we have the fact that there is some school issues, so we need to bring this to the United States.”

The company was praised later in the segment by the Fox Business host for its “fashion forward” designs in regards to its overall lineup.

The team at Talking Points Memo posted the segment on Twitter.

Update: A FOX Business Network spokesperson reached out to tell Hill Reporter with the following update: “The song was chosen by the production team and the selection has been addressed.”

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