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‘Fox and Friends’ Trio Denies Reality of Climate Change While Half the United States Fries

‘Fox and Friends’ Trio Denies Reality of Climate Change While Half the United States Fries

The gang of dunces on Fox and Friends on Thursday morning demonstrated that they have no idea what the differences are between climate and weather and incorrectly declared that global warming does not exist.

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Climate.gov predicted on July 2nd:

For the western United States, summer has already been one for the record books with multiple heat waves that set unfathomable records. It’s completely natural to be wondering what the rest of summer might hold after the scorching start to the season. The July 2021 outlook from NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center favors a much warmer than average July for the western and northern parts of the contiguous United States, a wetter-than-average month for the Southwest and Southeast, and drier-than-average conditions for the Pacific Northwest and northern Plains.”

Granted, last month was closer to average and one of the “coolest” July since 2015, however, record high temperatures scorched large swaths of the American Northwest, Canada, and other parts of the world.

Palm Springs, California, for example, saw its hottest July on record. So did Salt Lake City, Utah. And June of 2021 was the warmest ever for the United States.

The unprecedented heatwave also worsened the historic drought in the Southwest that is threatening the water supplies of Lake Mead, Lake Tahoe, and other reservoirs upon which tens of millions of Americans living in or around the desert depend.

Nevertheless, the Fox and Friends crew stuck to the lies and completely dismissed the hundreds of lives that have been lost due to the excessive heat, which the planet’s scientists have irrefutably determined is a result of anthropomorphic climate change.

“What a pretty view looking East toward the Sun across downtown Louisville, Kentucky right now. If you are in Louisville and need to know a day ahead what weather-wise, it’s currently 66 going for a high of 86, so that Kentucky Bluegrass is gonna need a drink of water by the end of the day cause it’s gonna be hot. Good morning, everybody,” said host Steve Doocy as he greeted millions of propaganda-hungry Fox News viewers.

“It’s been beautiful here in New York. No humidity, it’s perfect,” co-host Ainsley Earhardt replied.

“Lovely. Feels like October,” Doocy chirped.

Co-host Brian Kilmeade then made the dubious claim about July.

“Right, and I think it was one of the coldest July’s we’ve had in some while. I don’t know if that’s going to really fly with climate change,” he said.

“Global cooling,” Doocy interjected.

The Earth is not cooling, but over at Fox News, the ‘it’s cold where I am therefore climate change is fake’ adage reigns supreme.

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“Right. Global cooling, that’s right. I forgot that headline. Except for when it’s really hot it becomes global warming. I keep forgetting. Keeps changing,” Kilmeade exclaimed.

That too is patently untrue.

“Just call it climate change and that takes…” Doocy continued, although his words were muddled by his colleague’s yammering.

“Right. Anything that happens. If it becomes windy. It’s panic time. Get out of your SUV,” Kilmeade added.

“Global wind,” Doocy said without any context.

“And run for the hills,” said Kilmeade.

Watch here via Media Matters for America.

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