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Fox & Friends Goes After Mike Pompeo As He Evades Khashoggi Questions

Fox & Friends Goes After Mike Pompeo As He Evades Khashoggi Questions

During Wednesday morning’s Fox and Friends appearance, Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, was asked about Jamal Khashoggi. While the morning show is normally friendly to Republicans, the anchors attempt to push back on Pompeo’s claims.

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The Secretary of State used many of Donald Trump’s familiar talking points about the murder. He claimed the US had done their part by placing visa restrictions on those implicated in the killing.

Brian Kilmeade pushed back by saying the fellow Republicans Bob Corker and Lindsay Graham say that’s not enough. Pompeo eluded the question. Kilmeade pressed again, “We know the prince knows, right? You know. You looked him in the eye, you know that he knows.”While Pompeo admitted to speaking with both the King and Crown Prince, he again deflected the question.

C0-host Ainsley Earhardt brought up the audio-tapes that depict the murder. Pompeo again pushed back claiming that some reports of the incident are not correct. Pressed again, he refused to elaborate.

Pompeo finally ended the segment with this statement:

“There are the folks who’ve actually committed the murder, we’ve held accountable. We will continue to do that. No one underestimates how horrible this murder was. But remember, Iran is running rampant throughout the Middle East. The death of any one individual is awful. The death of hundreds of thousands of people in Europe or the middle east or the United States matters an awful lot. The president is committed to protecting America.”

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While Mike Pompeo and Donald Trump are hoping for this story to die, it does not look likely. There is currently a bipartisan effort in the Senate urging the president to take another look at the situation.

In addition, there are reports that Jared Kushner advised Mohammed bin Salman on the fallout from the murder. With Time Magazine naming Khashoggi their Person of the Year, this story is sure to stay in the American consciousness.

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