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Fox Anchor: Rudy Giuliani is Like a Jedi Master of Self Destruction

Fox Anchor: Rudy Giuliani is Like a Jedi Master of Self Destruction

At one point Rudy Giuliani was the most popular mayor in the country. And he’s enjoyed his fame in conservative circles over the last two decades. The now Trump lawyer frequently makes appearances on the Fox News network talking about the current events of the day.

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But as Giuliani’s actions defending Donald Trump become more and more absurd, he is losing the support of some of the network’s anchors. On Sunday Fox Business’ Liz Claman issued a brutal takedown of the former NYC mayor, calling him a “Jedi-master of self destruction.”

Claman began by referencing Donald Trump’s regular attacks on Fox News. “Let’s talk about the 800-pound gorilla in the room. The president has lashed out at Fox News, but let’s be very clear about something, I’m going to defend Fox News very hard on this one.”

The anchor continued, “Aside from the prime time opinion shows and some opinion shoes on the weekends, Fox News is a news operation. They have covered this case, they have looked very fairly at much of it and when you have reporters — top reporters, Eric Shawn, Jonathan Hunt, Steve Doocy, all of these names, and Peter Doocy, Jacqui Heinrich.”

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Claman then moved onto Giuliani, “What is a reporter doing here? They are looking at this, I don’t know, Rudy Giuliani Jedi master-level effort self destruction on a national stage, Howie, and saying we have judges who are Republican who are kicking this out, we have attorneys, we have a lot of legislators right now, who are saying forget it. They are covering the story as it proceeds.”


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