Former White House Photographer Trolls Trump With Pro-Obama Holiday Snaps

Obama’s Chief Official White House photographer Pete Souza used holiday images of the former president to throw some shade at President Donald Trump on Friday.

Souza shared a photo of Obama and his family with Ellen DeGeneres, Annie Lennox and Mariah Carey at the TNT’ “Christmas in Washington” special.

“Back when our President could occasionally be a goofball but was never a nut job,” he wrote.

“He was our goofball; AND DAMN I MISS MY PRESIDENT AND FIRST FAMILY! WE NEED A DO OVER; THEY NEED TO COME BACK,” wrote Instagram user nantoosexy.

Obama on TNT
Photo Credit: Instagram: Pete Souza

The former White House photographer, who often uses his Instagram account to taunt Trump, also posted a picture of Obama and his family dancing with Santa Claus at the National Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony in 2014.

“Back when our President was sane, and it was okay if he tried to dance with Santa Claus,” Souza wrote.

“What a stark contrast to the treasonous sociopath we have sitting in the Oval House now,” Instagram user jandodgegram commented.

Obama dancing with Santa Claus
Photo Credit: Instagram: Pete Souza

Souza released Shade: A Tale of Two Presidents earlier this year and used the photos he took while working for Obama to provide a silent commentary on the differences between his former boss and Trump.

Souza’s Instagram account also features photos he took while working for the former president, contrasting the Obama and Trump presidencies.

One photo pictures Michelle Obama placing her hands on her husband’s as the former president spoke at a Christmas holiday party on the State Floor of the White House in 2011.

Instagram user 4ngelicag commented: “Ahhhh….. those were the days when the most powerful couple of the world was together for love….. not thanks to a phony contract and lousy convenience!”

Obama and wife's hands
Photo Credit: Instagram: Pete Souza

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