Former White House Medical Adviser Blames Donald Trump Jr. for COVID-19 Diagnosis: ‘When You Don’t Take Masks Seriously, You Will Get Infected’

Doctor Jonathan Reiner, a former White House medical adviser to President George W. Bush, ripped into Donald Trump Junior for his habitual refusal to wear a mask hours after Junior announced that he had tested positive for COVID-19.

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Junior, like his father, President Donald Trump, has repeatedly downplayed the dangers of the coronavirus. He has also claimed, on numerous occasions, that wearing a mask does not offer protection against the virus. Junior has infamously declined to don face coverings in public, including at an Election Night party at the White House, which has itself become a hot zone of COVID-19 infections.

In an appearance on Friday’s edition of CNN Tonight, Reiner said that he is “angry” that so many Americans have lost their lives due to the willful ignorance of the Trumps.

“Don Jr. tested positive after attending an indoor Election Night party with barely any masks. When you don’t take the virus seriously, aren’t outbreaks likely, like this, unfortunate? I mean, it’s unfortunate, obviously, but it’s inevitable, don’t you think?” host Don Lemon asked Reiner.

Reiner agreed, explaining that people who refuse to take precautions are almost certain to contract the disease.

“It’s even simpler than that. When you don’t take masks seriously, you will get infected by this virus. We know the converse is true. If you take masking seriously, you are likely not to get this virus. I don’t have any schadenfreude. But I am angry so many people in this country have died as a consequence of this administration, his father’s inattention to this pandemic,” said Reiner, pointing to the accelerating, catastrophic toll the pandemic has taken on the population.

“Two hundred fifty thousand Americans are dead. Another 1,800 dead today. This is the third day in a row that over 1,800 people in this country have died. Almost 200,000 new cases” are being reported every day, Reiner continued. “And that death number is going to double over the next month. We’re going to start to see close to 4,000 dead people per day in the United States. And that just makes me so angry.”

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